Springbar Canvas

Discover the Comfort of Camping Under Canvas


If comfort, weather protection, and durability are you’re top priorities in a tent, you can’t beat the performance of high-quality canvas. A tightly woven, 100% cotton army duck canvas—like the Hardyduck Premium Canvas we use in our Springbar Highline Tents—is watertight in wet weather yet highly breathable, eliminating condensation build-up inside the tent. With canvas you get total weather protection and a super comfortable camp experience.


Canvas Tents vs. Synthetic Tents

Tightly woven, 100% cotton duck canvas is an exceptional tent material with a number of advantages over synthetic tents fabrics—especially when it comes to car camping, family camping, and base camps.  

The primary benefit of canvas over synthetic tent fabrics is breathability. Canvas allows condensation and moisture to escape the tent, keeping the interior tent climate dry and comfortable. Synthetic tent fabrics like nylon and polyester do not breathe, and often trap condensation inside the tent. Even if the rain stays out, synthetic tents can leave you feeling damp and claustrophobic. The breathability of canvas keeps you cooler in hot weather, and because canvas is heavier and more substantial than synthetics, it will keep you warmer in cold weather.

The main benefit of synthetic fabrics is that they are lightweight, which is critical when you’re backpacking and carrying all your supplies. Bottom line—synthetic fabrics are great for backpacking tents, but canvas is king for car camping tents.


Is Canvas Waterproof?


The short answer is yes. A quality canvas tent will keep you dry in wet weather. That being said, canvas is not ‘waterproof’ in the same sense as plastic or synthetic fabrics. Quality canvas with a tight weave is ‘watertight.’ When rain and moisture contact a canvas tent, the individual cotton fibers swell and tighten, creating a ‘watertight’ self-sealing effect. Even in wet weather, the canvas remains breathable, allowing condensation to escape for a high-level of interior comfort.


Qualities of Springbar Hardyduck Canvas

Our premium quality Hardyduck™ Canvas is a 100% cotton, tightly woven army duck treated for water resistance and mold/mildew prevention. Quality fabric is the single most important factor in determining the performance and longevity you’ll get out of tent, which is why we go to great lengths to source the best cotton canvas possible, finished to our exact specifications. Our Springbar Highline Tents use an 8oz Hardyduck Canvas on the tent walls and a slightly heavier 10oz Hardyduck Canvas on the tent roof.


Canvas Just Feels Better


Camping is all about having a great experience, and the way you camp has a big effect on the experience you’ll have. Canvas creates a warm, vintage feel that just plain feels better than plastic-like synthetic fabrics. It feels at home surrounded by pine trees and wide-open desert landscapes, and it connects you to a rich heritage of pioneers and mountain men who camped under canvas. Simply put, canvas makes camp feel the way it should


Always Store it Dry


The number one rule of caring for a Springbar Canvas Tent is to make sure its dry prior to long term storage. Cotton canvas is a natural material and will mold and mildew if stored wet—just like a load of laundry will mildew if you forget about it and leave it in the washing machine for a few days. Our Hardyduck Canvas is treated for mold and mildew resistance, but still needs to be stored dry. If you’re forced to break camp in the rain, you’re tent will be fine for a day or two, just remember to set it up in your backyard when you get home so it can fully dry before storage.