Springbar Canvas

Springbar Tents & Winnerwell Stove Compatibility

springbar skyliner 144 tent and wood stove

The only stove compatible Springbar Tents are the Classic Jack 140 and Kirkham’s Wall Tents.

The Classic Jack 140, Zip-In Stove Jack Accessory, and other required components, have been specifically design to work together as part of the Springbar 'Hot Tent' System. 

We do not recommend altering existing Springbar tents, such as the Highline Series or Classic Jack 100, to accommodate a wood burning stove.

Altering your Springbar tent by installing the Winnerwell Flashing Kit or any other stove jack modification will void any warranty on your Springbar Tent and user accepts all responsibility for the correct installation and safe use of a Winnerwell Stove or any other wood burning stove in your tent.

Please reach out us by phone or email if you have any questions regarding stove compatibility with your tent.


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