Springbar Canvas


Springbar® Tents are Simple to Set Up. One Person and a Few Minutes is All It Takes.



How to Set-Up a Springbar Tent

Locate a level campsite and securely stake down the tent, starting with the corners. Try and keep the tent as ‘square’ as possible. Springbar Tents must be staked down to function. This is the toughest part of the job, once the tent is staked down, you're 80% there.

Lay both ridgepoles on the top of the tent and slide the 36” steel tube onto one of them. Slide a solid steel springbar rod through each sleeve and into the T-fitting. Make sure each rod is fully inserted into the T-fitting.

Extend the tension screw about 1-inch. Place the screw in the concave end of the opposite ridgepole and push down until the ridgepoles are aligned—keep your face clear of the connection point. While still grasping the ridge pole to keep it aligned, Slide the 36” steel tube over the connection point until it is centered.

Grab one of two upright poles and set it to the shortest setting. Make sure the door of tent is unzipped to allow air to enter. Note* be mindful not to mistake an awning pole for an upright pole. Uprights are taller, larger in diameter, and have a shorter tip than awning poles. Lift the T-fitting and insert the tip of the upright into the slot at the bottom of the T-fitting, continue lifting and place the bottom of the pole behind the center stake.


Move to the opposite side of the tent and repeat step 4. The tent will now be up but slightly loose. Lengthen the uprights until the tent walls are taught but not too tight—excessive tension may damage the tent. Typically, 3 or 4 clicks is sufficient.

Grab a cold beverage & enjoy your camp.

Care & Maintenance for Springbar® Tents

Take good care of your tent and it will take care of you. Well-maintained Springbar Tents will last and perform for decades. We hear stories from campers all the time about Springbar Tents that are several decades old but still going strong.


Rule #1: Always Store It Dry!

Our premium quality Hardyduck™ Canvas is made from 100% cotton. It is also treated to resist water and to prevent mold and mildew. But note* your tent will mold and mildew if stored wet. Always make sure your tent is completely dry prior to long-term storage. If you’re forced to break camp in the rain, your tent will be fine for a day, just set-up it up as soon as you arrive home and allow it fully dry prior to long-term storage. Storing your tent wet will void any warranty.



I accidentally stored my tent wet and now have some mold, what can I do?

If the mold and mildew damage is minor, you can still fix it. We recommend mixing 5 quarts water with 1 quart white vinegar and a ½ teaspoon of laundry detergent. Use this mixture and a soft bristled brush on the affected area. Rinse with lots of clean water and allow the tent to completely dry prior to storage.