Springbar Canvas


Who We Are

The Highline Series and Classic Jack Series of Springbar® Canvas Tents is produced by Dwell Outdoors LLC dba Springbar Canvas, a small company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Highline Series is the result of a close collaboration between Dwell Outdoors and Jack Kirkham Jr., owner of Kirkham’s Outdoor Products and son of Jack Kirkham Sr. who invented the Springbar® Tent in 1961. The Highline Series is the culmination of a half-century of experience with Springbar® Tent design—every detail, from the size of the vents to the type of thread, has been worked out and refined over decades. Jack knows what works and what doesn’t, and all that knowledge went into the design of the Highline Series.

Kirkham’s Outdoor Products, located just down the street from us, still produces USA-made Springbar® Canvas Tents in their Salt Lake City sew shop. Kirkham’s domestic Springbar® Tents are beautiful tents—although the production capacity of the sew shop is limited, often requiring a lead-time of several weeks or months for a tent to be produced upon ordering. The primary aim of developing the Highline Series was to increase production and year-round availability of Springbar Tents to meet ever-growing customer demand.

Where are Springbar® Highline Tents made?

The Highline Series is built in a high-end tent making facility near Yangzhou, China that has produced tents and bags for some of the highest regarded US and European brands in the outdoor industry. 

To be worthy of the Springbar® name, our tents must meet strict quality standards that are derived from a half-century of experience and refinement with the Springbar® Tent design. The Highline Series of Springbar® Tents is the result of years of collaboration with Jack Kirkham Jr. to deliver a tent that meets the Springbar® standard of quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Is canvas waterproof?

The short answer is yes. A quality canvas tent will keep you dry in wet weather. That being said, canvas is not ‘waterproof’ in the same sense as plastic or synthetic fabrics. Quality canvas with a tight weave is ‘watertight.’ When rain and moisture contact a canvas tent, the individual cotton fibers swell and tighten, creating a ‘watertight’ self-sealing effect. Even in wet weather, the canvas remains breathable, allowing condensation to escape for a high-level of interior comfort.

Do Springbar® Tents perform in high winds?

Yes, Springbar® Tents are incredibly sturdy in windy weather. We’ve heard a number of stories from customers about freak wind storms blowing through camp that carry synthetic tents away like tumble weeds while the Springbar® Tents are the only tents left standing. In the video below, you can see how a Springbar® handles some extremely strong wind gusts.

Do Springbar® Tents perform in winter weather?

Springbar® Tents are ‘all-season’ shelters and will perform well in moderate winter weather. That said, Springbar® Tents are not intended to carry heavy snow loads. If you’re winter camping and experience heavy snowfall, occasionally brush the snow from the roof of the tent. Do not leave the tent unattended in winter weather for extended periods of time, especially if snowfall is expected.

Can I live in a Springbar Tent?

You bet, and if that’s what you plan on doing, we want to know about it because that sounds awesome. If you’re leaving the tent pitched for several weeks or months at a time, we strongly recommend putting the tent on a raised platform or slatted wood deck so all the water and moisture can drain away from the tent. If the tent is pitched on moist ground for an extended period of the time, the canvas nearest to the ground may never have the chance to fully dry out, creating the potential for mold and mildew that can result in canvas rot. Some friends of ours, Garth and Anna, spent half a year living in a Springbar® and made a nice little video about their experience.

Is a Springbar® Tent a good choice for Burning Man and festival camping?

Absolutely yes, a Springbar® is the festival enthusiast’s palace of pleasure. If you plan on attending the burn in a tent, a Springbar® is widely regarded as the gold standard. The canvas is breathable to help you stay cool, yet the tight weave keeps the fine moon dust out. The sturdy frame and 12-inch steel stakes keep a Springbar® secure in the high winds that are common on the playa. Plus, the spacious interior and standing height give you the space needed to entertain new friends. Read more on Springbar® Tents and festival camping here.

I accidentally stored my tent wet and now have some mold, what can I do?

If the mold and mildew damage is minor, you can still fix it. We recommend mixing 5 quarts water with 1 quart white vinegar and a ½ teaspoon of laundry detergent. Use this mixture and a soft bristled brush on the affected area. Rinse with lots of clean water and allow the tent to completely dry prior to storage.