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Stories of Springbar Durability: Our Day at Al’s Sporting Goods Memorial Day Sale

Stories of Springbar Durability: Our Day at Al’s Sporting Goods Memorial Day Sale

As a kid who grew up in Logan, Utah, I have distinct memories of heading down to Al’s Sporting Goods for a new pair of sneakers before the new school year or when I was really lucky, a bike or pair of skis. As I grew, so did Al’s. The small corner shop on Center Street has evolved into a cavernous sporting goods paradise just off Main. It’s a great store filled with goods from great brands. We’re proud to announce that Al’s is now northern Utah’s official Springbar Highline dealer. To kick off the deal, we spent a day at Al’s during their annual Memorial Day sale. We set up a couple Springbar Highline Tents in the parking lot and went to work sharing the Springbar story with anyone who’d listen.

As it turned out, we didn’t have talk all that much, because a lot of folks were eager to share their own Springbar Tent stories with us—it seemed like everybody who passed by had one to tell. So we took a seat in the shade and listened up. Every story was unique, but one thread seemed to run through them all: Incredible durability.

A wicked sweet motor bike next to a wicked sweet Springbar Tent

Admittedly, the Springbar Tent is a Utah thing—it has been since the early 1960s. If you grew up in Utah and spent time ranching, hunting, fishing, Boy Scout outings, camping, whatever—you know the Springbar Tent. Point being, it’s not too surprising to be set up in Northern Utah for a tent demo and get an ear full.

We heard stories of raging windstorms (we hear these kind quite often) that blew through camp and literally destroyed every tent and shade structure in the area—all except the mighty Springbar Tents. On older gentleman told us about his Dad, who was a sheepherder, who’d bought one of the original Springbar Tents in the early ‘60s and would live in it for months at a time on the range, and that tent lasted for nearly 20 years. That was the common story—lot’s of folks told us about a Springbar Tent they’ve had for 20 or more years that’s still going strong. We’re exceptionally proud of the reputation the Springbar Tent carries, and we work hard to uphold it everyday.