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Camp Trip #1: The Joshua Tree Grove

Camp Trip #1: The Joshua Tree Grove

Springbar Canvas Tents have been around for a good while. In fact, we weren’t even a twinkle in our old man’s eye when Jack Kirkham first dreamed up the thing in 1961. That said, the team at Springbar Canvas is just getting started, so we loaded up the gear and made for one of our favorite camp spots—a little known grove of Joshua trees in the desert of southern Utah.

We brought our best buddies, and the kids, and the dogs, lots of food, and lots of Springbar Tents. We also brought our good friend Dan Ransom, the talented man responsible for all these images, check his stuff out @danransomphoto.


We believe that camping is a good thing. It has soul, it inspires creativity, and it’s medicine for the fever of the digital era. It’s good for our kids, for our friends, and for the wild places that act as gracious host. It connects us to the land and to the past, and it gives us hope for the future. It’s why we’re doing this, and it’s our mission to inspire a few folks to get out there and do it too.


To raise them up right, you have to take those little ones camping.


Looks like we brought all the axes. Apparently everyone needs to have his/her own. But really, can you have too many? We think not.


After making camp, we did what you’re supposed to do when you’re camping—mess around in the great outdoors. We threw knives, shot bows and arrows, played cornhole, poked the fire, and threw sticks for the dogs.


As the old saying goes, "smoke follows beauty." 


…and remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

When it comes to life’s simple pleasures, camping and eating are both high on list. Put them together and you basically have the secret to happiness. The menu included whole chickens, big hunks of beef, squash, potatoes, braised greens, and warm Dutch oven baked biscuits. It was a good one- no hungry campers on this outing. 


Toasted marshmallows might be cliché for a camp dessert, but clichés are clichés for a reason. And this cliché is delicious. This little fella insisted on a having a few both before and after dinner.


Sunset over the desert. It was a face melter.


The stars didn’t disappoint either…

And we can't wait to get back out there. Stay tuned for the next camping adventure.